UNBROKEN: The John Sumonu Story

UNBROKEN: The John Sumonu Story

An illness in childhood rendered him physically challenged. Losing the proper use of both legs, he could have been destined to a life of dependency, but instead chose a different path. He chose to find purpose to his life and chose to pursue a fulfilling one.

‘UNBROKEN’ tells the story of John Sumonu, a man who daily redefines purposeful living, and against all odds continues to overcome all of life’s challenges in his own unique way, with determination and self confidence.

Many are those who for one obstacle or the other, have lost dreams of a better tomorrow but today John’s story comes as a ray of hope. His message is simple; the plans may change but with determination your destination can remain the same – NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE’

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Produced & Directed By
OluwaToyin Fajj

Olanrewaju Olupona
Toyin Fajj

Toyin Fajj

House of Stable Productions

Youtube Music

Executive Producer
Toyin Fajj

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